Out of Nowhere Fencing Club boasts members of all ages,
ranging from 8 through 70+. Every club member has the
potential to advance as a fencer in their weapon of choice.

Unlike other fitness programs, we provide a personalized program to
develop each fencer individually. In our club, you will become fit, stay fit
and get an amazing cardio workout each day you attend.

Whether you want to train for competition or
simply to get in shape, the results are what you put into it. The more
you train, the better you will be. Dedication is the key to success.

At OONF, every fencer is a member of our fencing family. We pride
ourselves in providing the best professional training in a fun-filled,
positive and competitive environment.

Experienced fencers are always welcome!
Email us for details.
Out of Nowhere Fencing Club is a proud member of the United States Fencing Association.

Head Coach David Copeland is a registered Professional Member with the United States
Fencing Asssociation.

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