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Beginner Fencing Basics 101
Ages: Youth and Adults, ages 9 and up
Duration: 12 Week Comprehensive Course
Start Date:
Friday, February 1, 2019.
Cost: $200
Location: Boyce, VA in Clarke County
$25 is required (payable to instructor) on the first day of class.       
This covers an RTF fee and glove purchase.


Make your Friday evenings a time for fencing and fitness!
Our fencers have a blast in Clarke County...we invite  
you to register and see what you are missing!


Our beginner classes are a MUST for anyone getting involved
with fencing or coming back to the sport after much time away.

Learn to fence Olympic-style on electronic scoring machines!
This class will cover the history of the sword, as it relates to
fencing, dueling, and the beginnings of the sport. Students
will also get an understanding of the weapons, how each one
is used, and the modern-day understanding of the rules. From
the first lesson and onward through the class, beginners will
also acquire an understanding of proper footwork, form, and
function. Students will fence each other in the class in the
modern Olympic Game style.

You don't need to purchase fencing gear, as the use
of club gear is provided in the beginner class.

All classes are taught by Coach David Copeland,
20+ years of experience in competing and coaching.


Email us  on how to register.


In Boyce, VA, for ages 6-8
Click here for details.

Winchester, VA
See our Boyce class description, as it is very close to Winchester.
Email us today to register.


For information about beginner classes, email:  
(With your inquiry, please include your age, location,
and how you found out about our classes.)


If you live in the areas of Winchester, Virginia; Purcellville, VA;
Berryville, VA; Lovettsville, VA, Leesburg, VA;  Frederick, Maryland;
Brunswick, MD; Boonsboro, MD;  Hagerstown, MD;  Martinsburg
and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, there are classes within about
a thirty minute drive of your location.
Out of Nowhere Fencing Club is a proud member of the United States Fencing Association.

Head Coach David Copeland is a registered Professional Member with the United States
Fencing Asssociation.

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