Fencing - Your Gateway To Top Universities In The U.S.

U.S universities are known to be very invested in sports. University
sports teams compete at national levels and some even at
international levels. Apart from popular sports such as basketball,
baseball or football, more selective ones are also appreciated by
higher education institutions among which fencing really stands out.

More than 130 universities in the U.S have NCAA fencing teams
including Ivy League schools and other prestigious schools such as
University of Notre Dame or Stanford University. Colombia University
believes that “The fencer is unique.  The fencer brings experiences
that enrich the college, just as an accomplished poet or violinist do.  
This is the type of person the Admissions Directors like to have
represented in their stacks of applicants. Being a fencer is a distinct
advantage for the college applicant.”

It also shows in their scholarship systems how much U.S universities
would love to have fencers entering their gates.

University of Notre Dame offers full scholarships to fencers with high
academic scores annually.

Stanford has some of the best fencing teams around, and
scholarships available to fencers with top grades.

Columbia has a special fencing scholarship award, the Herbert C.
Spiselman Memorial Endowment for Fencing, which covers the cost
of competitions.

Penn State offers a “Women’s Fencing Scholarship” endowment of
$50,000 earmarked for women fencers who exhibit superior fencing
talent and have strong academic marks.

Reed College (Portland, Oregon) hosts the Williams Scholarship
Fencing Tournament each year and awards the top 3 finishers
$10,000 in scholarship money to students who require financial aid.

If you think outstanding SAT or ACT scores is the only way to get you
admitted to the U.S’s most admired colleges and universities, think
again. If you think basketball is the only other way, think again.
Fencing gives you the opportunity to stand out among thousands of
applicants each year. The fact that you are committed to such unique
sport at a young age is very appealing to colleges. It implies not only
your physical strength but also determination and strategic thinking

Taken from: http://stpaulhanoi.com.vn/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=163:fencing-your-


The following information is from: http://www.scholarshipstats.com/fencing.html


According to Fencing.net:

The following statistics are from the 2011-2012 school year. This lists the total high school age fencers and total
number of fencers in an NCAA program. Note that these give a higher percentage chance of making it than is
realistic as the number of high school fencers is not fully represented in the ScholarshipStats data.

Just for fun, here is what ScholarshipStats says:

-MEN: 1,925 high school fencers; 622 NCAA collegiate fencers…32.3% chance of competing in college.
-WOMEN: 1,771 high school fencers; 674 NCAA collegiate fencers…38.1% chance of competing in college.

Those are pretty good chances when you compare that percentage to other “mainstream” sports like soccer, football
and basketball. All of which, for both men and women, have a percentage in the single digits to play for an NCAA
college team. Fencing tops both the men and women in percentage of playing in college by a pretty wide margin.


Fencing is a full-fledged NCAA sport with schools in all divisions offering stiff competition. Divisions I and II for both
men and women offer full or partial scholarship opportunities. Division III schools are restricted from offering athletic

Total number of NCAA Fencing scholarships: about 210 for women and 150 for men. Schools can award this up
however they wish.

Source: http://www.gocollege.com/financial-aid/scholarships/athletic/fencing.html

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